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Specifications for print advertisements

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    Specifications for our print advertising

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    – 8.375″W x 10.875″H
    Live – 7.5″W x 10″H
    Bleed – 8.625″W x 11.125″H

    2/3 Vertical – 4.625″W x 10″H

    1/2 Vertical – 4.625″W x 7.5″H

    1/2 Horizontal – 7.5″W x 4.875″H

    1/3 Vertical – 2.25″W x 10″H

    1/3 Horizontal (Square) – 4.625″W x 4.875″H

    1/4 Horizontal – 7.5″W x 2.25″H

    1/4 Panel (specific issues only) – 3.625″W x 4.875″H

    1/6 Vertical – 2.25″W x 4.875″H

    1/6 Horizontal – 4.625″W x 2.25″H

    Trim – 16.75″W x 10.875″H
    Live – 16″W x 10″H
    Bleed – 17″W x 11.125″H

    *   Listed ad sizes not available in all publications. Check rate card. Ad sizes DO NOT apply to smaller pocket guides.

    Digital File Specifications – Please supply your ad as a high resolution PDF (PDFX-1a format preferred). All color images should be CMYK and 300 dpi or better. Spot colors must be converted to the equivalent CMYK value. Please do not include OPI information in PDF files. If a black background is used, please set to a “rich black” such as 30-30-30-100. Black text should use black ink only. We can also accept files created in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as TIFF, EPS and JPEG formats. NOTE ABOUT BLEEDS: Build full pages to trim and extend any bleed 1/8″ beyond page edge. Mediamerica, Inc. and its suppliers will not be responsible for files that do not comply with the above specifications.

    Artwork Submission – Artwork may be submitted by email ([email protected]) for files below 15 MB, or by a file transfer service such as Dropbox. We accept digital files only. For larger file transfers, or for help with file transfers, please contact production.

    Proofs – If perfect color is a crucial component of your advertising, you must submit a SWOP-certified proof. Laser proofs do not qualify. Mediamerica, Inc. and its suppliers will not be responsible for color reproduction if proofs do not comply with these specifications. Mediamerica can outsource a SWOP-certified proof, please contact your rep or production for rates. For more information on digital ad file preparation and submission go to: Specifications Web Offset Publications (SWOP) http://www.swop.org http://www.swop.org/certification

    Cover ads – Ads running on the Inside Front Cover (IFC) or Inside Back Cover (IBC) of perfect-bound books need to account for the gluing process by keeping all important text & graphics at least .375″ to .5″ from the spine’s edge. Please contact production to inquire if a publication will be perfect-bound or for more information.

    Production charges – Production charges may be assessed on any ad requiring modifications and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


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